GROUND SURFACE CLEANING IN BOYNTON BEACH                                                                             AND SURROUNDING AREAS

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Ground Surface Cleaning

Ground surface cleaning for driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios and pool decks involve a two step chemical treatment and pressure cleaning process. This process differs slightly between types of surfaces from bare concrete, pavers, stone, travertine or tile for example, because some of these surfaces are “softer” than others.

We adjust the chemical solution and adjust the level and concentration of pressure accordingly, for each type surface and its condition. This process rids surfaces of mold, algae and other debris or fallout that causes staining for a brighter, longer lasting cleaning.

We recommend cleaning ground surfaces, especially high traffic/high use areas, like driveways, once a year. Depending on the type of surface, once it is clean and refreshed, we may recommend and offer to seal the surface. Sealing ground surfaces requires very specific and important procedures like stripping of old sealer, pressure cleaning, sanding joints if necessary and finally sealing the surface.

Each of these steps have critical factors in completing sealing jobs properly. We offer only the highest quality sealer available, that will protect and restore beauty to paver, stone and travertine surfaces without making them slippery or unsafe. Because we only use the highest quality sealer available and observe the proper procedures we are proud to be able offer one of the best warranties available in sealers of up to 3 years! These processes are safe, efficient and effective for single family homes, HOA’s and entire communities. All normal activities can be resumed immediately upon completion of any of our jobs.

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