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If you want to improve your roof’s value and appearance, hire All Pressure Services to do the job for you. Our Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach roof cleaning services improve your roof’s appearance, health and will extend its life by removing damaging mold, dirt and debris. Our roof cleaning methods are designed to be gentle on your roof tiles, shingles and other roofing components while still achieving a thorough cleansing.

We Minimize Damage To Your Roof With Our Best Roof Cleaning Techniques 

A roof will only last about half as long without regular maintenance and repair. We take a more gentile approach to roof cleaning. Our roof cleanings refresh and protect the roofs shingles and tiles from damaging mold and algae, minimizing costly repairs. Roof cleaning is just one part of what All Pressure Services offers; our cleanings will also enhance the visual appeal and value of your roof. After cleaning, we also offer professional guidance on preventing future roof damage and saving money.

Why Choose Us For The Best Roof Cleaning Services For Boynton And Palm Beach Areas?

Exceptional Tools

Regarding quality, our top roof cleaning company in the Palm Beach area never settles. Our prompt service, constant availability, and cooperation have earned the praise of our customers.

Personnel with Expertise and Instruction

We are certified in all aspects of West Palm Beach roof and pressure cleaning and have done so for many years.

Constantly Prioritize Safety

Our top roof cleaning company in the Boynton Beach area can assist without breaking the bank. Your home’s exterior and interior will be safe after we prevent more damage.

"No Pressure" vs. "Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning with high pressures of 1000-4000 psi and the associated equipment, like disc-type ground surface cleaners, are engineered and reserved for more robust ground surfaces. These high pressures and the associated equipment should never be used on any roof, as they can cause surface damage and degradation to roof tiles and panels, shortening their lifespan and degrading their appearance.

Pressure cleaning with high-pressure water alone does not rid your roof of damaging mold and algae. Still, it only temporarily washes away the mold and staining from the visible surfaces, leaving mold to repopulate much faster, within six months to a year, requiring more cleaning. This is why roof and pressure cleaning Boynton beach exclusively offers a “No Pressure” roof cleaning method, which applies a chemical solution at a very low 45 psi to remove and destroy destructive stains causing mold and algae without the damaging effects of 1000 + psi pressure cleaning equipment for a safer, more effective, longer lasting cleaning.

Roof and pressure cleaning West Palm Beach recommends cleaning every 2-3 years, depending on the roof type and environmental conditions, to maintain roof health while using the least amount of chemicals possible. Unlike other roof cleaning methods, which can take six months or more after application to begin showing results, our method results in a beautified, clean roof immediately upon completion. Are you looking for assistance in roof maintenance?

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