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“No Pressure” Roof Cleaning vs “Pressure Cleaning”

Pressure cleaning with high pressures of 1000-4000 psi and the associated equipment, like disc type ground surface cleaners, are engineered and reserved for more robust ground surfaces. These high pressures and the associated equipment should NEVER be used on any roof, of any type, as it can cause surface damage and degradation to roof shingles, tiles and panels, shortening their lifespan and degrading their appearance. High pressures will also force water and debris under your protective and aesthetic roof tiles and onto the waterproof membrane and substrate below the tiles which can compromise your roofs main structural integrity. Pressure cleaning with high pressure water alone does not rid your roof of damaging mold and algae, but only temporarily washes away the mold and staining from the visible surfaces, leaving mold to repopulate much faster, within 6 months to a year, requiring cleaning more often. This is why All Pressure Services exclusively offers a “No Pressure” roof cleaning method, which applies a chemical solution at a very low 45 psi to remove and destroy destructive stain causing mold and algae without the damaging effects of 1000 + psi pressure cleaning equipment for a safer, more effective, longer lasting cleaning. Mold and algae are kept away for a minimum of 2-3 years with our method vs only 6 months to a year with other methods. We also incorporate algaecide and fungicide that lingers on your roofs surface after cleaning to inhibit regrowth of unsightly stain causing mold. We recommend cleaning every 2-3 years, depending on roof type and environmental conditions, to maintain cleanliness and roof health, while using the least amount of chemicals as possible. Unlike other roof cleaning methods, which can take 6 months or more after application to begin showing results, our method results in a beautified, brightened, clean roof immediately upon completion.  This process is safe, efficient and effective for single family homes, HOA’s and entire communities. All normal activities can be resumed immediately upon completion of any of our jobs. Please beware of “Roof Sealing” gimmicks. Sealing your roof’s tile surfaces can cause more trouble and cost more money than it is worth. 

“No Gimmicks, Just An Honest Clean!” Once you experience the difference, you’ll never look for an alternative again. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

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