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About All Pressure Services In Boynton Beach

We are a locally family owned and operated, Licensed and Insured, proud American small business. We are based in Boyton Beach, FL and we service all of Palm Beach, FL. Our goal is simply to provide the best available service in our segment and service area and as your neighbors we truly care about your safety and satisfaction. We are detail oriented, considerate and conscientious. Once you experience the difference, you’ll call us again and again!

Why Choose Us For Pressure Cleaning In Boynton Beach?

Best pressure washing and roof cleaning services

experienced technicians

Best pressure washing and roof cleaning services

Over 10 years of experience

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Best pressure washing and roof cleaning services

Honesty & Integrity

LICENSED insured

We are licensed and insured

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Our services are available throughout the Palm Beach County Area.

We can handle any job across a wide variety of surfaces and can not only clean stuck in dirt, our cleaning service will also get rid of any mold or algae on the surfaces as well.

First impressions matter. We are detail oriented, on time, and strive to make sure every customer is a happy customer who will use us again and recommend us.
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Our Process


Inspect the area to be cleaned for any loose debris, obstacles, or fragile items that need to be moved or protected.

Safety Measures

Put on appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as safety goggles, gloves, and waterproof clothing.

Equipment Setup

Assemble and prepare the power washer, ensuring it is in proper working condition.
Connect it to a water source, such as a hose, and check for any leaks.

Detergent Selection

Choose the appropriate cleaning detergent or chemical for the specific surface and type of dirt or grime to be removed.

Surface Pre-Treatment

Apply the cleaning solution evenly to the surface, allowing it to dwell for a specified amount of time to loosen dirt and stains.

Pressure Adjustment

Adjust the pressure settings on the power washer based on the surface being cleaned. Lower pressure is suitable for delicate surfaces, while higher pressure is used for tougher stains.

Test Spray

Conduct a test spray in an inconspicuous area to ensure the pressure and nozzle setting are correct and won't damage the surface.

Cleaning Process

Begin power washing from the top and work your way down, maintaining a consistent distance from the surface to avoid streaking or damage.
Use even, overlapping strokes to clean the entire area methodically.


After cleaning, thoroughly rinse the surface to remove all traces of detergent, dirt, and debris.
Again, work from top to bottom to prevent streaks.


Turn off the power washer and disconnect it from the water source.

Properly dispose of any wastewater and cleaning chemicals in accordance with local regulations.
Store equipment safely and clean any filters or nozzles for future use.
Ensure work area has no debris or anything left over
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