Advisories and Disclaimers

Please be advised that chemical solutions alone or in conjunction with pressure cleaning are the safest, most effective methods in Florida conditions to address the continuous humidity, moisture and the resulting mold and algae. We take all necessary precautions to minimize any noticeable short and long term effects of chemical solution application. These chemical solutions are especially important for roof health and longevity, as some roof cleaning methods are not effective at removing and destroying stain causing and damaging mold and algae. The use of chemical solutions instead of or in conjunction with high pressure for cleaning roofs and other exterior surfaces has the potential to cause surrounding foliage and grass to become browned or even die, if not properly prepared and protected. We take all necessary precautions including covering areas of concerning foliage with tarps to reduce chemical exposure to leaves, limbs and roots. The type of tarps used are important and silver in color to reflect heat and reduce heat buildup up under the tarps, which can itself cause withering of covered foliage. We also pre and post rinse all areas of concerning foliage and grass with clean water. These measures minimize any negative effects to surrounding areas from chemical solutions. Our chemical solutions are safe and non-toxic around your home, family and animals. Upon completion of cleaning, normal activities may resume immediately. Our clients do not experience any long term or permanent negative effects after completion of any of our services. Rest assured, we are fully Licensed and Insured. 

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