Exterior Wall Cleaning & Surface Cleaning
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Wall Cleaning & Surface Cleaning

Exterior wall cleaning and surface cleaning involves multiple processes depending on the requirements of each job. First, we “dry brush” all insects, cobwebs, cocoons and debris from walls, doorways, windows and eaves.

“Dry brushing” first is a critical step, because if the areas to be cleaned are wet, the cobwebs, cocoons and insects will stick to the walls and would then require potentially damaging high pressure, high volumes of water and aggressive chemicals to remove them.

Next, a chemical treatment is applied only where necessary, for removal of mold, algae and rust staining. Finally, we use a reduced pressure clean water rinsing of all walls, windows and doorways that removes any remaining debris or residual chemicals and will not damage painted, natural or glass surfaces.

We recommend repeating this process as necessary, as each structure due to differing conditions, may need attention more often. This process is safe, efficient and effective for single family homes, HOA’s and entire communities. All normal activities can be resumed immediately upon completion of any of our jobs.

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