As a homeowner, you recognize the significance of keeping up with home repairs. This includes everything from painting the trim to fixing a broken step. However, one maintenance task that is often overlooked is cleaning the roof. Over time, your roof will become covered in dirt, debris, and even mold. This is not only an eyesore, but it can also reduce the life of your roof.

That is why it is vital to clean your roof with help from All Pressure Services regularly. We offer the best pressure washing and roof cleaning services in Boynton Beach. However, what is the best way to clean your roof? Should you pressure wash it or use a “no pressure” method?


High-Pressure Roof Cleaning Boynton Beach

Roof and pressure cleaning Boynton Beach, typically between 1000 and 4000 psi, and the requisite tools, are designed and reserved for more durable ground surfaces. Because of the potential for surface damage and deterioration to roofing shingles, tiles, and panels, as well as the reduction of their lifespan and degradation of their appearance, these high pressures, and the associated equipment, should never be used on any roof of any type.

Water and debris can get under your roof’s protective and aesthetically pleasing tiles and onto the waterproof membrane and substrate underneath them if the pressure is high enough. High-pressure water washing does not remove mold and algae from a roof; it just washes away the mold and stains from the visible surfaces, which returns within six months to a year unless the roof is cleaned again.


No Pressure Roof Cleaning West Palm Beach

To provide a safer, more effective, and longer-lasting cleaning, All Pressure Services only offers a “No Pressure” roof cleaning method, which uses a shallow 45-psi chemical solution to remove and eliminate destructive stain-causing mold and algae. Compared to other ways, roof and pressure cleaning in West Palm Beach can keep mold and algae at bay for at least a year and a half to three years.

When we do a concrete ground surface cleaning for West Palm Beach, we also use a fungicide and algaecide that will prevent the return of ugly mold growth and stains.  To preserve cleanliness and roof health, we advise on an exterior cleaning solution in West Palm Beach every two to three years, depending on roof type and weather circumstances, with as few chemicals as possible.

Our approach produces a beautifully bright and clean roof instantly after it is applied, while other procedures can take up to six months to start showing benefits. This method is risk-free, productive, and valuable for neighborhoods, individual homes, and HOAs.

When one of our tasks is finished, life can return to normal immediately. Sealing your roof tiles may not be worth the hassle or extra expense. We do not use any tricks; we give you a thorough cleaning. Are you planning on roof maintenance soon? Contact us today! We Promise to Exceed Your Expectations

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