A roof is an important part of your home that protects you from all kinds of weather. The roof also provides a roof over your head and your family members. A good and clean roof looks nice and can increase the value of your home when you consider selling it later. But does it have a spot for algae? Are there ways to keep it clean? At All Pressure Services Inc, we can help you with a high-pressure cleaning service that will remove all types of algae from your roofs. This article will guide you to know what roof algae is and how to get rid of it.


Roof Algae Identification

Roof algae is a fungus that grows on the surface of your roof. It’s not harmful to you or your family but can make your home look unkempt and messy. If you have a water source on your roof, it might cause algae growth.

Roof algae are usually green but may also be brown, black, or white. They can grow anywhere on your home’s exterior surfaces, including gutters, downspouts, and shingles. They often develop in areas where water collects, such as chimneys or windowsills. These locations tend to collect more moisture than other parts of the structure because they get less sunlight exposure than other parts due to their location being far away from direct sunlight exposure.


What causes Roof Algae?

Roof algae are caused by moisture and heat. The spore of a single spore blown by the wind into your roof will spark widespread within days. It can be caused by rain or sprinklers, but it’s more likely to occur when a leaky pipe or air conditioning unit in your home allows water vapor to seep through cracks in the structure, allowing for an abundance of dampness.

Roof Algae Gets Its Nutrients From Limestone. If you notice that your roof has turned green or brown, this could be due to limestone in your structure acting as a nutrient source for algae growth. We are here for you if you need Florida roof cleaning services. We have well-trained personnel who will help you get rid of the algae.


How to Get Rid of Roof Algae

The best way to get rid of algae is by preventing it from developing in the first place. It can be done by trimming branches that are too close to your roof and keeping an eye on wind direction, which will help reduce humidity levels in your home. You should also regularly treat your shingles and roof with moisture-resistant chemicals, so they’re not damaged by algae growth. But if the algae have already spread over your roof, you need pressure washing services in Boca Raton to help you. At All Pressure Services Inc, we have well-trained employees who will clear your roof with ease.

Roof algae are harmless, but they can make your roof look unattractive. You should act if you have a roof covered in green spots. There are many ways to remove these unsightly algae growths from your property without harming them, for instance, using pressure washing. We hope you have learned what roof algae are and how to get rid of them. But if you’re looking for pressure washing services near me, All Pressure Services Inc is here to help eliminate the menace on your roof.

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